Cannot run any mari0 mods or .LOVE files on my PC

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Post » 19 Dec 2019, 23:13

I cannot run any Mari0 mods using LOVE cause the problem is that LOVE doesn't supports the graphics on my pc, Im installing the 32 bit version but it doesn't works, and that prevents me from running mari0 mods for example the Mari0 Half Life mod or the Super Mari0 Bros + Bros mod or specially the Alesan99's entities mod, any help?

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Post » 20 Dec 2019, 00:05

I assume the official 1.6 Mari0 release works fine?

Mods use newer version of Löve which might require a higher version of OpenGL.

If you get an error when you run it, you should post the error. Additionally, your computer specs would help out narrow the problem.