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Post » 22 Feb 2015, 15:21

I owe you guys an apology.
For the past 3 years, I have tormented you with alternate accounts, rude replies, stupid insults... also known as 'me'.
How Dare I? Maybe it's because I am too persistent. I think normal people who get an 11-month ban think they are not
welcome to the forums anymore and they'd leave. It took me 2 years to figure that out.

It seems that I am not welcome here anymore.
So I thought I will leave.

I am sure that the forums will be a better place place without me.
You don't have to say 'sorry', because I know you guys aren't, and it's all my fault.
Maybe you will see me later.

@RottedPaint: You may seem like a normal, artsy guy but in reality you are a big piece of shit,
especially when you wish the death of people. Fuck you.

@JohnHOne: I hope someday you become a better person and stop being hated by the majority of the
community, but right now, you're just an asshole and fuck off from my threads.

@B-Man99: Why are you on my ass all the time?

@Saso aaaaa

@Maurice: You're awesome and continue making games when you have the time.

@HugoBDesigner: You're awesome too. ...well, slightly less awesome than Maurice but still awesome.

@SauloFX: You're awesome too. You should start making games, I see potentional in you.

@Camewel: You are missing this. That's sad.

@TurretBot: Charismatic spammer. Hard to say if you're awesome or just retarded in general.

Yes, I'll come back, but much later. I don't know when.
Meanwhile, you can add add me on Steam: (not the one on my profile, that's a decoy) (don't try to understand why that name)

FNAW will eventually be finished, but it will take more time than planned.

Good luck with the future,
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