Error when trying to Access Menu

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Post » 21 Aug 2013, 19:02

Have you used a mod lately?
If so, try opening the mod you last used, put it back on the SMB mappack, and open up vanilla Mari0 again.
I'm pretty sure it's a mod becasue line 1199 of menu.lua has to do with entities, so it would be a mod with custom entities.

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Post » 21 Aug 2013, 19:13

Try backing up your mappacks your LOVE/mari0/mappacks folder, delete all of them after that, and then delete the settings.txt file in the LOVE/mari0 folder.

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WaryLouka wrote:This is all new, and i aint got any idea why.
I did nothing, yesterday Mari0 was working. Now Today, it dont work at all.


It's involved around the menus.
If you played some mappack that's only compatible with my mod, then this may have happened. Try opening my mod and see if this happens again. If not, the mappack that load will be the one you should remove...

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1199 was a common error when the Turret mod was still popular, deleting your settings file will fix it.

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Try moving all of your mappacks to a different folder.

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As the error sorta mentions it's related to loading the background map at the start.

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