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what we did in mibbit chat
13:30 trosh One day in NYC, Hulk came across a big piece of cake.
13:31 samkostka YES!! SO GOOD
13:31 hatninja said hulk
13:31 samkostka as he ate the cake
13:32 Kyle_Prior NOM NOM NOM! Hulk ate the cake.
13:32 hatninja the cake was really a bomb
13:33 trosh the incredible hulk hulk smashed the cake
13:34 samkostka and was surprised to find a large amount of diamonds inside
13:34 hatninja then hulk smashed them all
13:35 Kyle_Prior The diamond dust coated his skin!
13:35 trosh he was torn between a fiery hate against these shitty diamonds and a peaceful crave for cake
13:36 samkostka when all of a sudden he was surrounded by police cars
13:37 hatninja the diamond dust made the hulk truly invincible
13:38 Kyle_Prior "Hulk SMASH!!" he sceamed while turning to the nearest car.
13:39 trosh obviously the policeman driving it was taken with a horrifying gasp (all he wanted was cake)
13:40 samkostka As Hulk smashed the hood of the car, other policemen shot at Hulk and gasped as their bullets bounced off his body harmlessly
13:42 Kyle_Prior Hulk looked at the policeman and smiled..(??)
13:43 trosh his grin became larger and larger, slowly baffling every policeman even more
13:44 samkostka because Hulk knew, with this power, he could get all the cake he wanted
13:44 trosh (ok I suggest everything story related starts with an \s or \story to keep a slight disctance from general chat)
13:45 samkostka (what regular chat? we're the only people here doing anything)
13:45 hatninja so the hulk demanded more cake or else the mayor would be killed
13:51 Kyle_Prior The hulk's demands were met by an army of bakers.
13:51 trosh the bakers started working, and cake smell began to fill the air of downtown NYC.
13:52 samkostka Soon, everyone in town gathered around Hulk and the cake
13:54 hatninja HULK EAT CAKE said hulk as he did
13:55 Kyle_Prior The bakers could hardly keep up with his demanding appetite
13:56 trosh after three days of intensive labour, eggs were growing scarce in the region surrounding ny, and the cake production slowed down
13:57 samkostka So the mayor hired scientists to create BakeMan, the superhero who makes cakes at lightning speed from thin air
13:59 hatninja hulks demands were doubled
14:00 Kyle_Prior With so much cake, his stomach just kept growing and growing...
14:01 trosh some diamond dust still covered hulk's body
14:02 samkostka but his growing stomach caused his stomach to be exposed
14:03 hatninja and hulk felt a fart coming on
14:04 trosh as it exploded, about 2000 bakers died from the shockwave.
14:06 samkostka But, the dust flew off Hulk and the police started shooting at his very enlarged stomach
14:07 hatninja the hulk got more angry being shot at the stomach
14:10 Kyle_Prior Doing what he does best, bakeman continued to bake cakes.
14:18 samkostka Hulk found that having eaten so many cakes made him vulnerable and the cops were able to arrest him by feeding him even more cake and putting bakeman as his guard
14:22 Kyle_Prior BakeMan objected to being a guard because he was only good as baking cakes…
14:23 trosh BakeMan decided to become rebelious and baked a million muffins which he threw at the police
14:24 samkostka he also fed Hulk nutrition biscuits and turned him on the police once he was fit again
14:26 hatninja hulk stopped wanting cake and wanted...
(and... story is pretty much done)
14:27 Kyle_Prior (awww.. come on! you can't do that! I don't know what he wants... Motor oil?)
14:28 TheSeek does he wanted she-hulk?
14:28 hatninja i dunno
14:28 trosh The Incredible Hulk-ette
14:28 TheSeek thats their daughter
14:28 gamax92 is lonely
14:29 TheSeek ah dammit
14:29 hatninja hmm
14:31 trosh I suggest the story is brought to stand-by because meh
14:31 hatninja posting on forums!
14:31 Kyle_Prior Make me look all smart and intelligent like..
14:32 Kyle_Prior I wanna look good!
14:32 TheSeek like a duck
14:32 Kyle_Prior Indeed.
14:32 gamax92 duck = baws
14:32 TheSeek a duck with a hat
14:33 Kyle_Prior REMEMBER BIRTHDAYS like a baws
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the last ones aren't part of the story :)
maybe bold the names or emphasize them to separate them from the story if it's not too much work

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I think that was successful.

It's almost as good as twatter story.

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yes please bold the names

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ok i did

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Someone remind me why there's Hulk?... Never mind, probably a stupid question.

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i have no idea why
its just a random story

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I quite like the last line.. That guy is a genius!