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So who here likes terraria? For those who don't know what terraria is, it is basically a 2D Minecraft inspired game; but way better in my opinion. Here are is a trailer, which I am in :3

So ya, disuss this awesome game here.

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I like Terraria. Bought it 2-3 weeks ago. I have no complaints; definitely worth the ten dollars.

So uh, yeah.

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Twilight Sparkle
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I do, but I haven't played in probably a few months, not since that one large update. It was pretty fun for about a week or so, give or take. I still need to bump up my armor a bit, though.

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It's cool, but I can't find a nice server where you don't die after 2 seconds.

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I played 17 hours on Terraria last weekend. That game is so much fun. Me and a friend got it the day it came out, and since then we convinced two other people to play with us. Terraria and Skype makes for a good weekend.

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I have more than 40 hours on Terraria before the last big update, and was planning on playing more with the new stuff. I played with my 2 brothers, which is cool, and was hoping to play with them with the new update, but I think they are saturated, and so am I.
And that is 40+ hours on a single world, with the same people, I'm pretty sure I have never played in the same world for that long in Minecraft.
The good thing about Terraria is that it isn't as easy to cheat (or if it is, I don't know how, and don't really want to), but in Minecraft it feels kinda pointless to gather resources when the admin console is right there, so in LAN it isn't as fun.
Also, Terraria has a huge variety of items and secrets, it feels great to find a super rare item or to defeat a hard boss. Even though they became pretty easy after a while, I hope the new update made things harder.

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Hen Barrison
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Its a fun game and stIll allows for creatIvIty whIle havIng a challengIng boss system. Its Minecraft, exept In 2D, and more materIals and Items.


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Well, it's not actually a minecraft inspired game, but it's awesome and i played it since a long while back ^^ Well, it kinda sucks after you have all the best stuff though. Man i wish i can forget everything about terraria and play it for the first time again now that there are so much content that i already know all about :3

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i used to have fun on this game like you! then i took a hardrive replacement to the game