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I was listlessly browsing the forums when I found this: Maurice's original maurice.gmod.de website files. Some were saved, some not. Explore the web archive.
http://web.archive.org/web/201009232352 ... mod.de:80/

EDIT: /AutoIt3/ has a huge mine of au3 files. The minesweeper bot is fun.
EDI- okay I'm just going to make a list of edits I wrote based on other things I keep finding. The timestamps are when I found them.
Interesting Pages
2017-09-27T02:23:20+00:0: /AutoIt3/ascii hero/

2017-09-27T03:12:59+00:0: /progress.png and /title2.png. These files seem to be from early not tetris dev.

2017-09-270T03:22:16+00:00: /World1.zip. At first, I thought this was an early mari0 world, but after searching it seems to be an alpha minecraft world (sigh)

2017-09-28T08:25:11+00:00: /Super secret save of my next rube omg.zip seems to be one of his old Gmod rube goldberg machines that he never posted. I can't view it right now, but if anyone could load it and see what it is that would be great

2017-09-28T08:33:22+00:00: All of these are not tetris (1 and 2) development versions and images:
not_tetris.png, not_tetris.zip, not_tetris1.0.love, not_tetris1.10.love, not_tetris1.11.love, not_tetris1.8.love, not_tetris1.9.love, not_tetris_2.zip, not_tetris_not_sound.zip, nottetris2.gif

2017-09-28T08:35:35+00:00: /uhoh.png - a screwed up not tetris and a steam chat window
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Not Tetris 1 versions? This is really cool

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TurretBot wrote:Not Tetris 1 versions? This is really cool
thanks! :D I'm going to see if I can piece together a working beta. Maurice's old google site originally had not tetris 1, but it was removed and its not in the web archive.

EDIT: wow I didn't look hard enough. http://web.archive.org/web/201009232352 ... tetris.zip has the first version. I guess I'll make an alpha? like progress.png?

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QwertymanO07 wrote:EXPOSED
B R E A K I N G : M A U R I C E E X P O S E D - "The truth about Not Tetris"