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Good job on inducing a biased opinion, Turret. I guess you weren't just content he liked the game, you must imply that it's bad in some way and asks for some confirmation of your own opinion by posing it instead of asking a more in-depth opinion. But okay...

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actually he said it was overrated earlier in this thread, which is where the question came up
but you're not wrong, including the "(i do)" was a bad move on my part

oh well, at least i helped positively influence his opinion

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TurretBot wrote:positively influence
TurretBot wrote:opinion

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it's complicated cause rpg's are shit usually and it's just too much fkn reading but undertale actually spoke to me.

i was gonna do a genocide run but i couldn't bring myself to kill papyrus lol (i wish i could kill alphys tho fuck she's annoying)

however, it's not a game to base your life on or anything like that by any stretch of the imagination.

game of the year? idk probably

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rokit wrote:game of the year? idk probably
Rocket league got indie game of the year which i think is pretty fair, however i liked undertale more because i love games with stories.

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B-Man99 wrote:
TurretBot wrote:positively influence
TurretBot wrote:opinion
Well in theory I made his opinion closer to mine so from my eyes it would be a positive influence

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Whelp, I just noticed someone one this forum changed their avatar to Grand Dad, so cool. As of now as I'm posting this, I'm making Omega Flowey by scratch, having the sprites (thanks TurretBot, oh and, just wondering, how did you get them?) of course. And once I do that, I'm gonna recolor it to be in the palette of SMB3 for SMM.

Here's my progress:

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undertale good

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welcome back i guess