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My turn! A small test for a Portal-ish song. If you take into consideration this is my first song ever, it's not that bad actually:

Funky Science

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HugoBDesigner wrote:My turn! A small test for a Portal-ish song.
I really like the first, but i'd change the notes of the instrument that comes in the second half, or at least make it less prominent, because right now it sounds out of tune.

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I fiddle around in OpenMPT sometimes, but everything I make still sounds like it could be my first song ever to me. I don't really take it that seriously (nor do I know anything about how music should actually work) so that might explain some of it. I decided to convert a few of my "better" songs to ogg and share them. They're all meant to be looped.

dullen: I was tired of making slow songs, so I tried making something fast that sounds like it could play in a secret video game level of some sort. Drums are sort of uninspired but the rest is probably better.
flub: Fast(er) remix of hub inspired by dullen. I like how I did the percussion here.
hub: Something slow and melancholy. Kind of repetitive.
notlen: Only song meaningfully over 1 minute, and the one I like best. I tried to base nearly everything off one or two riffs, plus incorporate some riffs from even older songs which will not be shown. Some sections could go a pattern shorter or longer but ultimately I just made things up as I went along.
railcar: Just briefly tried out a riff and put a pad over it. I didn't go very far. It's sort of catchy, at least, but I don't know if my own opinion of the song counts in that regard.
rok: I wanted to do something cool with an electric guitar sample and a drumkit. Is it cool? All the samples here are taken from the Hamumu game "Stockboy".

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Funky Science sucked. Home sucks less:

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Made a Sonic and Knuckles version of Bad guy. ... y.mp3?dl=0