Video Game Customization

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This is the thread for... well, customization in video games. This is for sharing what you've done, discussing what others have done, or just discussing customization in general.

It's bad to just say "discuss," so here's my Terraria character:

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Is he a member of the midnight crew?

Does anyone else feel like generic character customization is getting a little dry? I don't know what would be changed about it, but whenever I have to make my character in a game, it just feels like the tired old steps all over again.

EDIT: Oops I was gonna do something special for 100, oh well.

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Happy 100th post.

I haven't exactly gone through character customization for awhile.
'xcept Minecraft, but it's not too different from my avatar.
I made an emblem like this in Mario Kart DS.
Except it was an original creation.
And the top hat was upright.
And the fire was on top and didn't have a face.

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I did this on 8-Bit Rebellion after jailbreaking my iPhone

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I made a custom Peggle level once
Also Portal 2 stuff. And Colour Bind stuff. And I make custom levels for a lot of games, but for some reason I don't release most of them. I'm weird like that.

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I once made a mod of Bounce Tales (from Nokia) to make it look like Portal 2. I replaced the eggs with companion cubes, flowers with panels, grass with junk and some other small things I don't quite remember.
I don't think I have any "proof" of it, though.

And Portal 2, for sure... And Minecraft... And a game of moving balls a long time ago that I don't even remember the name (but I have the custom levels still).

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I made lots of costumes and characters, but the most I made is probably in LBP2 or something. Here have lots of my costumes and shizzle: (taken directly from ... b93d79.jpg ... 552d0e.jpg ... f75ced.jpg ... 1aae8f.jpg ... be4294.jpg ... c85841.jpg ... a6fc91.jpg ... 881101.jpg ... f7ada0.jpg

I'm so into customization and usually it takes me 20-30 minutes at the character creation screen. My friends know that the best. "OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING COSTIN? WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG"