Self-Nostalgia Thread

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Not sure if this was tried before, but I wanted to make it for some time, so yeah.

Basically, here's a place where you can feel nostalgia about YOURSELF. I mean, not posting things you watched or played a long time ago, but things from yourself, things YOU did a long time ago.

Let's start with me. When I was younger I never knew I'd be so much into gaming as I am now. Although I always liked things extremely related to gaming. For example, I always loved 3D stuff, drawing, maths, "coding" (not much), animations, mini-games, etc. I wanted to be a drawer, an architect, and other things, but never thought on being a game developer (that's what I want now). But, without noticing, I had everything to be one for a veeery long time. I learned English by myself (that's right, all by myself), I always loved game-related stuff (mostly games that I could edit or make levels), math and other things.

Now that I know what I wanna be, I realized how much gaming things I've made when I was younger. Here are some things:

I used to LOOOOOVE stop motions. I made lots and lots and lots of them. most of them have pictures of me, so I won't post them. Although, I made some animations too. Note: I was 12 when I made them. Converted to GIFs:



I also used to LOOOVE making minigames on Power Point. Here are 2 of them, called MMM ("Minha Mini Máquina" in Portuguese or "My Mini Machine" in English). Some text is missing because it had my complete name and links for Social Network accounts:
And screenshots of them:


I know everything is in Portuguese, but should be easy to guess what does what.
Anyway, not sure if this thread will work, but if it does, then drop on your childhood creations!

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By time I beated world 2 of "The Fancy Pants Adventures", I knew I wanted to make an own game. I used to research on how to create games with flash, but after a while I lost interest. I was 9 at the time. (But currently I'm learning how to make games :D)

So two years later, as I was 11, I found a few drawings of game ideas. It was a platformer, kinda like FPA. It involved a character called "Cool Shirt Guy" (Yes, I was ripping off FPA) whose only remarkable feature was a red shirt. I would post the pictures, but I can't find them anymore =/

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I'm really not that good with the whole "nostalgia" thing. I honestly stop caring about memories once they become obsolete. So if I did something a year ago with my best friend and it was a really rare thing then I'll feel kind of nostalgic about it, but only to an extent, and if it was also with someone else who used to be my best friend, I'll just be completely indifferent and will probably make fun of it in some way as like a reassurance that the past is over. As most of you guys know, I'm generally a really happy person and for the past two years my life has only gotten better at a continuous rate, for a few different reasons, and I'm almost nostalgic about the present just because of the fact that little things change from day to day and I think about all of the good things that come out of it. Little things.

I'm feeling somewhat nostalgic though about back when I only knew the stabyourself community through steam and forum games:
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