New Permanent Minecraft Server

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Post » 11 Dec 2013, 09:22

The goal of this thread is to start a new permanent Minecraft server for those who still want to play the game. It also aims to be longer running and more popular than previous attempts at servers. It plans to be a prosperous community.

Server Information:

PhoenixTeam Minecraft Server
Update: 1.7.2
Admins: Drone36, Onlyoneofmany, BlueWales[Owner] others will be assigned accordingly.
Plugins: Anti-grief basics, otherwise vanilla.
-The server is run by a I Admin.
-Events will be held during holidays, all done in command blocks.

-All else is vanilla.

Event list:
List of events that can be held (no order in specific)
-Trouble Terror Town
Classic TTT from gmod
Classic 1 invisible person Vs. non-invisible team.
-Pvp arena
Simple arena to death.
Simple capturing the enemy flag.
-Blind Monster Maze
Everyone is in a dark maze filled with zombies, escape!
-Death runs
team of runners Vs. a person who activates death traps
-Races (Pig,boat,horse)
race the course to get first!
-Base wars
build a base and defend it, destroy enemy bases.
Simple game of tag, if you`re it and th timer hits zero you die.
-(suggestions may be added with enough support.)

CounterStrike inspired Minigames:
-Defuse missions
Counterstrike inspired defuse match.
-Hostage rescue
Counterstrike inspired hostage rescue.

Closure: This server has a forum, but since I cannot advertize or post links to other forum, PM me if you wish to join, else you can just communicate here, but it will be more of a bother for me to rummage through both forums.
This server is permanent, Will not be removed but, will be reset every year. Next reset will be on next December maybe. Have fun. Happy holidays. I hope to get feedback, people from the other community will join as well as people from here I hope you guys make new friends and such. :)

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Post » 11 Dec 2013, 20:26

EDIT!: The server was a test to see if custom IP addresses worked. This server is currently being worked on! keep an eye out for when the IP is released.

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Post » 12 Dec 2013, 13:30

So the new permanent server was a temporary test?
Okay then.

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Post » 12 Dec 2013, 19:22

It was a test for the real deal.

That one time it was a test. To keep the server up i need to test some things first to make sure it handles well. I tested it with a few people and the server had problems, so we're switching host, assembling plugins to be used on the server, and testing to see if they don't bug. Will be about a week before its finally up and running.

Edit: will be up by tomorrow if not, sooner!