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So do any one of you have funny stories relating to games?
I myself have one...
So one day my mother dragged me to her sisters workplace while she and her sister and another girl did some workplace thing. The other woman brought her two kids too. They were my age. And some of the biggest noobs i've even seen. they both brought DS consoles... and they both were playing NSMB. They were on the first world and struggling with things like goombas and koopas. I was talking about how i've beat the game already on a few playthroughs. Then i mentioned how to play as luigi. Then somehow we came to the topic of NES. Suddenly one of the kids mentions how he has one. Since we were young i asked some features of the console to confirm he had one. I came to the openable lid. and he said no and that confused me. he said that it was "annoying" and he ripped it off the console... I told him that the console needs that to protect from dust. then he mentioned that he threw it out a while back. I asked why... He replied The Graphics Were all Blurred. And the controller was missing buttons... I got up and walked off... I can't stand people that stupid.

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I may have said this in a different thread before but I don't think so. My first actual game was Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast. I remember playing it for the first time, it was during the night and my dad gave it to me, watched for a while, and fell asleep by the time I reached Emerald Coast. There first mission on it was to find Tails because he crashed, and I thought it had literally meant "find", and every time I came across the robot monkey things, I kept thinking it was Tails because they were the same color and that level took forever to beat because of that. I also could barely read at all at that point, too, so that didn't really help anything

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I was a very impatient child.
when I first played a Pokemon game I never read any text, I didn't use any TMs/Hms, ran from most battles in tall grass, only caught Pokemon that I thought looked cool, and only knew that I needed to find gyms. Once I couldn't figure out what to do, I would just put the game down and play something else. I have never beaten a Pokemon game ever since (except a few spin offs). *sigh* So i'm not* to hyped for X and Y like everyone else.
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I also didn't play Pokemon too well either. My first one was Yellow Version and I remember most of my Pokemon being named "AAAAAAA" and I'm pretty sure I used my Master Ball on a Graveler. The battery is dead on it now though so the save is gone

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I sucked too. We all did, except for Idiot. He is perfect. My first Pokemon game was FireRed, and I had absolutely no idea how to play at all. I attempted to do random things such as "jumping" (as we all know that's against the law of physics) and I attempted to talk to everyone only to press A until they were done and accidentally press it again. I don't even know why.
I'm pretty sure I used up all my money and I never completed the Pokedex. I became homeless and lived in a cardboard box on Route 1 for the rest of my life because I had no clue how to go back to Pallet Town. Eventually there was no sign of 11111111 living anywhere so everyone assumed he was dead until they found his body dead in a cardboard box.

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I'm far from perfect, my dear Wilo. My first pokemon was with the original Pokemon Blue. I chose Bulbasaur and he's the only one I used throughout the entire game. I didn't care about weaknesses and whatnot, and in the case I came across the pokemon that could kick Bulbasaur's ass I had a metric fuckton of items in storage for him. I also didn't care much for the plot, so my first run-through story became "Here's a dinosaur with a bulb on it's back. Go kick everyone's butt." and that's what I did.

I ended the game with a level 70 or so Venusaur and lv.5 HM slaves.

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>a guy that doesn't like Pokemon comes in and ruins the nostalgia

I was playing Skyrim once (I have a lot of stories about Skyrim), and this guys comes up to me after I've climbed like 20,000 ft on a mountain or something and he's like:

"MURDERER, MURDERER!" Then he attacks me like crazy... Too bad I insta-killed him, he seemed like a great guy. He had this book about a Shrine somewhere in the mountains. I went there and apparently there was this group who venerated a Daedra Lord which liked to see its slaves suffer or something, so they'd kill eachother to become the champion.
I talked to them and they said to bring a priest and kill it. I killed all of them instead. Nothing. I killed all the Daedra's worshippers and I get nothing. Wow.


Also, my Charizard was too OP to use something else. I could beat water types with 2 moves o.o

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Just today a kid in school was wearing a shirt with Boo on it from Mario and I didn't recognize the design of Boo so I asked him if it was from one of the older games which I am way too familiar with, or the newer games.

"I don't know. I don't play Mario.
"But but but...?!!"
"I just wanted to troll everyone"

I barely even know this kid but I have so much respect for him now.