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So like with the chess piece boom, maybe we should make a forum game that would have chess pieces playing well... CHESS! we could design tons of pieces and give them their own unique ways of moving/attacking. different sized boards and be able to choose what pieces you use. ive made some pieces upload soon
Image Archer Same movement as the king. can attack anyone in a 3x3 area of him. after the piece has been in the 3x3 area for two turns
Image Bishop
Image Castle
Image King
Image Knight
Image Medic Same movement as king can heal back a piece if he stands still for 5 turns
Image Pawn
Image Spy can take rolls of dead pieces moves like king
Image Troll moves up to 3 spaces diagonally it can only attack pieces if he is next to them, not diagonally
Image Wizard Moves like a castle. can change the roll of a piece if its in a 3x3 area of it for 2 turns it can not do this to the king this can be done to your team and the other team. it it stays in a 3x3 area for 3 turns then it can kill it from a distance

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Well this was Soooo popular.....

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....Go on.

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The reason it's unpopular is that it's a really badly thought out idea.
Archers are weaker than the king as it has to wait 2 turns to kill anyone.
Medic is either useless or brokenly overpowered depending on what he actually does.
Troll is like a crap bishop because he has to get into place to take a piece before taking it so it'll be avoided.
Wizards will just turn the pawns into better pieces at the start of the game.
Also who would be fooled by a spy in a game where your every move is watched?

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the pieces could be changed

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Like Camewel said, it's just badly thought out. It's also just barely thought out. It's like you said "Ohey let's make chess with new, ugly, overpowered figures!", slapped a few broken powers on them, made some lackluster sprites, then shipped it to the forums.

The idea so far is fine, but you need to think it out a LOT more. Chess is a game about strategy, and the functions of the pieces need to reflect that. Causing pieces to have to wait for some turns (archer and medic) is not strategy. Bringing pieces back after they've been removed is not strategy. Becoming a different piece for two turns is not strategy.
Seriously, think this idea out more.

I'm now regretting starting the chess piece avatar fad.