Super Staby0urself Bros.: The Book (Mini hiatus)

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((If someone could give me a better title, it would be appreciated.))
This is the story of a man.
No ordinary man.
A borderline insane man.
He is contacted by Mario himself, because after saving princesses for as long as Mario has, it gets pretty irritating. Unfortunately, what should be a crazy adventure that's just like one of Mario's takes a sharp turn elsewhere.
The story in google docs.
Prologue in Stabyourself docs.
Chapter one
“Let’s see how far this rabbit hole goes.”
It was an average day for Mario. He was just relaxing around, waiting for Princess Peach to get kidnapped for the millionth time.. He was starting to get tired of this routine. Especially since Bowser could have kidnapped any other plumber’s girlfriend, but nooo, he had to be Mario’s problem. Mario constantly wonders if the only reason that Bowser does what he does is because of the many links between universes.

In Mario’s world, it was common knowledge that somewhere out there, they were nothing but mere video game characters. Just objects used to get from point A to point B. A container of extra lives. One of the odd things about this is that their life works pretty much on par with how the game does. Mario can jump way higher than physically possible, Luigi can run on water, blocks can float with nothing holding them up.

Just eating a flower gives anyone superpowers.

Mario was getting fed up with this. He’s seen a few of the crossover fanfictions, fangames, and fanart. It was time to get some new blood in this franchise. It was time to get some sort of hitman.

“Have you ever wondered why we can hold an infinite amount of stuff in literally nothing, and use it anywhere we want?” Unnamed was crazy. He constantly talked to his reflection in the mirror. He calls himself “we” sometimes, and many other odd things that no one in their right mind would do. He was a perfect candidate. Of course, if your parents named you Unnamed, how would you live that down?

Unnamed had grown to the age of 18 around 13 months ago, and had already moved out. Despite his.. “characteristics” he had actually became friends with a lot of people, one of whom offered him a job in video game design. With an imagination like Unnamed’s, who knows what will come into existence? Since then, he’s worked for that same company, God co. When asked about this odd name, anyone who works there states that it was just a random title that the founder came up with one day.

There was no hidden meaning that the workers all knew, they were all told that line of lies. Unnamed and the founder, Aveond, were the only ones who knew the truth. They never really knew how people would react to a company that was in cahoots with one of the creators of the universe.. That one also being the only god in recorded history who intentionally uses a number in their name.

One day while at work, Unnamed got a call. It was using a voice modifier, but an Italian accent could easily be made out. It wasn’t lengthy enough to have to be described in detail. The man, (obviously Mario), simply stated that Unnamed was perfect for a job. He simply had to kill Bowser. The man told Unnamed how to do it, and that he would get an extremely huge pay for doing the job.

Of course Unnamed took the job, he’s crazy.

Unnamed notified Aveond that he would be out of town for a few weeks, and he took his vacation time. Of course, since it was Bowser that was being killed, he would need some proper attire.

Unnamed drove to the nearest mall in a flash. (Keep in mind that this mall was also owned by God Co.)

Right about now should be the time that his appearance is stated, right? Then let’s get started. Unnamed was a ‘meh’ sort of guy. He was by no means weak, although you couldn’t tell how strong he is with a look, but he didn’t need to be entering a “World’s Strongest Man” contest anytime soon. He was white without much of a tan, except for on his arms. He had dark brown hair that looked like it was moist for reasons only known to the highest level of experts. He’d wear glasses if he needed to see far away, and he’d never wear contacts. He was 5”11. One might say that he’s pretty attractive overall.

He bought a shiny red t-shirt, too lazy to see what fabric it was. He didn’t really want overalls, so he just bought a pair of jeans. He got some really durable boots, and a light blue hat with a “U” on it. (It was really a football cap supporting the local team, but oh well.) After purchasing several of this same outfit, he set off to start his journey.
For some reason I grew attached to the characters in Super Staby0urself Bros., and when people started trying to kill off the characters, I got an idea. This idea took way longer than it should have, but here it is..

Progress: Introduced aveond, Jonathan and Chuck Sucks into the story. Created prologue and part of Chapter 1
Criticism and pointers are welcomed.
Also, it looks better in Google docs because I am far too lazy to edit it on here.
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Please don't.

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Why not?

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Needs more busty fem-aveond.

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aveond wrote:Needs more busty fem-aveond.
I feel compulsion to draw that
 I'm 12 and what is this feeling 

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All that it means is that you're becoming a man, JP. Embrace it.

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That feel when a great idea pops up, and no computer.
I haven't updated the story in a while because.. No computer.
Engage hiatus