First Video Game/Console You Ever Had/Played

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What was the first video game you've ever played?

My first one ever was probably Backyard Soccer 2004. My first game I ever played on a console was Super Mario Sunshine.
And, my first system I got was a PS2.

What were your first video games/consoles you ever had/played?

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The first video game I ever played was either Super Mario Bros. 1 or 3, and the console was the NES

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I first played Yoshi's Story on the N64, and my first console (that I started playing seriously) was the GameCube.
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My earliest memory of a games console I can remember was seeing my parents playing sonic 2 on the SEGA mega drive so I guess that would technically be my first console, but I remember that my parents sold it years ago, but this year I've finally gotten of my lazy ass and got one from eBay as well as some games for it.

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My first game was Duck Hunt, but the first game i saw was Bomberman, me, my brother and my father kept awake until 4 a.m. in order to beat that game, my father passed through the levels and me and my brother wrote the password, that was amazing, and the first console was a Polystation.

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If we're talking about games that we played seriously, that'd be Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast. Playing on the NES, I was 2-4 (which is weird how I remember that) and was likely hitting buttons

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My first game I played seriously was Super Mario Bros. Deluxe.

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My earliest memory of a video game was Super Mario World for the SNES. I've always loved that game, and I still do.

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One wall of text, coming right up!

My earliest gaming memories come from playing at a friend's house. I was about four or five, and my friend was a teenager from church. My parents and his parents were very close, and so my family visited their house almost every Sunday. As soon as I had enough spatial reasoning to hold a controller and control a character on the screen, my friend thrust me into the world of video games. He had a SNES, a 64, and a bunch of games for each. While I don't remember too much of my time with him, I do have fond memories of Kirby Super Star and Mario Kart 64.

My family moved shortly thereafter, and I made new friends closer to my age. One of them invited me to his house and showed me his Sega Genesis. The first game he showed me was a title I remember little about - it was some kind of puzzle platformer with ladders and a castle setting. He only played one level before switching to the main event: Sonic the Hedgehog 2. I fell in love immediately. We took turns playing, and as time passed, we figured out that the second controller moves Tails (I think I made a correlation from Kirby Super Star's partner system here). I still remember the day when we made it to Hill Top Zone for the first time; we were so excited that we lost our last life within seconds, and we couldn't replicate the feat for days.

Through all of this time, I didn't have a console or any games of my own. That changed on Christmas Day of 2000 when my parents got me a Sega Dreamcast with Sonic Adventure and Namco Museum. Of course the first game I tore into was Sonic Adventure. I wanted to read the instructions first, but my parents wanted to watch me play, so I consented and jumped in with my only prior knowledge being Sonic 2, a 2D game. So I tried to fight Chaos Zero (the opening scene), moving left and right only, jumping without knowing how to homing attack, trying to land on this thing's head (which I miraculously did once). My parents were confused too, and so we all tried to figure out what was going on... As I tried to wrench the controller out of my dad's hand, I accidentally hit up on the control stick. Sonic moved forward. Suddenly everything made sense.

Thus was born my greatest memories of my early gaming years. But I didn't play by myself.

Coincidentally, one of my parents' friends sent me a CD pouch that Christmas. As I went to store Sonic Adventure in it so I could try out my other game, I noticed that the front pocket had five bucks in it. These pockets were see-through, so I noticed $5 on the other side too, and turned the page. Sure enough, the next pocket had $5... and the next one... and the next one... In fact, every pocket had $5 in it. Of course, I spent this money on more games over time, among them Sonic Adventure 2, Chu Chu Rocket, Daytona USA 2001, and Rayman 2: The Great Escape.

I played my Dreamcast so obsessively that my parents actually put limits on how much I could play. I couldn't play during the week - that was when my homeschooling took place - but if I performed well enough, I could earn an hour on Friday. On Saturday I could play from when I woke up until noon (which prompted me to wake up at o'dark thirty) and an extra hour from four to five. I invited my Sonic 2 friend (my best friend at the time) over to play during this hour one day, and we battled each other on Sonic Adventure 2. It was so much fun that I invited him the next Saturday. The Saturday after that, he was unable to come, so I brought another one of my friends instead. Both of them came following that.

I began inviting more and more people until this became a regular thing - Saturday at four o'clock was Sega Day every week. My dad served popcorn and Kool-Aid as we took turns playing each other at whatever game we wanted to play that week (mostly SA2). It became a major part of our lives; we talked about how someone or another would win next week, or waited to redeem ourselves in a grudge match. One week we held a Daytona tournament, which ended up with me and my best friend in the finale with my friend barely edging me out on the last lap. During a major storm on a Wednesday, my dad assembled my friends out of the blue and we held an impromptu Sega Day until the bulk of the storm had passed. We kept this up for about three years.

But yeah, that's my early gaming years. Good times.

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Nintendo Entertainment System - Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt double cartridge.

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My brother had a gameboy colour, but he got pokemon games, which only have one save, meaning I didn't play any of them. The first time I played video games prior to this however is I vaguely remember playing super mario bros 1 on a nes, even though the 'new thing' was PS1s. I also remember after that having played PS1, after we eventually got one not to long after SMB1, which I played games like the first crash game and rayman 2 on.

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nes with super mario bros 3 and kirby's adventure

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My earliest memory of gaming would probably have to be playing Zelda: Ocarina of time / Majora's Mask and I most likely had no idea what I was doing.

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My Mon once had a console store, and i think the first game i played was Super Mario Land, and the console was a Game Boy Color. And I'm sure i had no idea what i was doing.

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First game I ever played was something on the xbox. I can't remember what it was through.

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I think my first game was Space Invaders for DOS.
I think the first console I got was NES.
This was before it was 'retro' to have a NES but late enough in the cycle for it's games to not be in any games shops. This resulted in a lot of Duck Hunt and Double Dragon II.

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The Commodore 64 was my first "console"(actually a pc, but except for who could program, everyone used it just as a console)...them loading times.
First videogame...cant remember exactly, but one of these(probably the first)
Image Image
Image Image

If we have to consider just proper console, then my first was the Sega Master System, and the game was WonderBoy III The Dragon's Trap.

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All I can remember is that i was 3 and the game was Pac-Man.

Don't remember the console.

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I had one of these old things.


Of course, having never played the original arcade version before, I didn't mind the lameification of it at all back then. :p

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My first game was Super Mario Bros. 3.

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First game was probably Jazz Jackrabbit 2 on PC.

That, or Counter Strike.

Anyways, I always tried to beat that game.. I was REALLY young though and couldn't even get past the first level. I probably was 3-4 or something.
I also played Worms and I think Command and Conquer Renegade.

Anyways, I came back to Jazz Jackrabbit 2 later after I grew up a bit and managed to finish it like a boss. I recommend that game, it's really awesome.
Same with Renegade, but I didn't manage to finish it, I got to the final boss but didn't have any more ammo at me so I couldn't do it.

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My first console was an NES (also the ONLY console I ever owned :p)
As for the game, I am not quite sure. Either the SMB+Duck hunt cartrige or Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers 1/2.

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It was a Tennis thing game... it was played on a Oscilloscope i think.

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Can't remember but i think the first console i played was the Sega genesis, and the first game was Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

As you can tell from my avatar, I'm a Mario fan now. My Sega days ended when i got a Nintendo 64. I'm actually happy of my choice because I would have been devastated when Sega stopped making consoles.

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Super Mario Bros 1. on a GBA, I think it was a ancient old bootleg multi-cartridge, it was a good cartridge but it was boring since GBA is my only console in the old days, also the other games are goddamn stupid, its a NES Emulator in a GBA cartridge

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Wii Sports for the Wii.

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Either the original Sonic The hedgehog for the Sega Genesis or Cliffhanger which is Sega CD
Soon to follow was Mario Kart and Donkey Kong 64 for the Nintendo 64, and two games which are still to this day on my all time top 5 games: Sonic Adventure 2 for GC and Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64

omg Villager103 I'm almost crying right now

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Villager103 wrote:Wii Sports for the Wii.
Lets take a moment of silence for our Sad Brother

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How is that sad? Really? Everyone has to start somewhere, and some start with terrible games.

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It's the fact of how relatively new Wii Sports is
Even though Nintendo already managed to stop supporting it
I liked Nintendo a lot better back when I wasn't born
Hahaha it's funny how I worded that

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It was released almost 7 years ago. Compared to other games it might be newer, but 7 years is pretty long

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it's the fact that the first game he got was made only seven years ago
also my first console was an nes my dad got me off ebay with dr.mario

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Everyone wrote:It's the fact that the first game he got was made only seven years ago.
What people aren't allowed to play games if they started seven years ago?
You guys seriously need to shut the hell up if you can't think of an argument past "it was seven years ago" so what I started gaming about 13-14 years ago (I'm 17 before anyone thinks that's my age, no I didn't play games when I was 1) with a sega but you don't see me gloating about it.

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B-Man99 wrote:omg Villager103 I'm almost crying right now
I don't know about Eleen, but when I said this about Villager103, I said it because it was funny and it made me feel old, not because I don't like it.
Villager103's profile says he's ten so Wii Sports would make sense. I just feel like that game is new compared to 90% of the console games I have. I'm mainly a PC gamer anyway, I don't know why Ellen said it was sad. I was just tryign to make a joke because I feel old :D

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I was just clarifying so don't drag me into this
blame them

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first portable gba advance.
first console gamecube or ps2 cant remember
first game super mario bros gba port

is was gaming since i could press buttons :3

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TripleXero wrote:It was released almost 7 years ago. Compared to other games it might be newer, but 7 years is pretty long
The wii was my first system and I got a wii the year it came out, but it feels like I got it only 2 years ago.
Makes me feel so old.
I still think of myself as a new gamer since the wii is my first system, but I guess new may no longer be the right word...

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From what I can remember: Doom Final, PC.
I know I have it, but I can't find it. Well, it was like nothing else. Not even modern games can replicate that game.

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I can't quite remember what the very first one was, (It was some arcade game)
but the first non-arcade game I ever played was Yoshi's Story.

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my first console was a playstation with mortal kombat 4. wasn't too fond of the blood, but i pretty much watched my brother play/rip off heads

my first portable was a game boy color with my older brother's copy of pokemon yellow. <3

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My first game was some kinda genesis with altered beast, golden axe and the like on it. Then one Christmas I got upgraded to a gamecube with Pikmin 2 on it.

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If I'm correct, my first console was the original PlayStation. Can't remember exactly what my first game was, but I loved playing Rayman.

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I think the first game i ever played was sonic the hedgehog for mobile. I enjoyed it a lot but i don't think i ever beat it!
As for console, that would have to be the nintendo 64.

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Console: Nintendo 64
Game: Super Mario 64 (Or it was Super Smash Bros. I forget. One of them.)

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Ernie's big splash was the shit yo

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MagicPillow wrote: but the first non-arcade game I ever played was Yoshi's Story.
I've been told that the first game I've ever played was Yoshi's Story. That being said, I was supposed to be 3 or something.

My first portable game may have been something along the lines of Super Mario Land, Super Mario Advance, or Lost Vikings.
My dad helps make Blizzard games = I learn to play games early

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Your dad's working at Blizzard?

Tell them to stop making stupid races and add Tuskarr as a playable race.

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My first console was the Gamecube, and my first game was either Wind Waker, Super Mario Sunshine, or Metroid Prime (I remember them all equally well, although Prime the most fondly)

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My first console was the Super Nintendo,and my first game was Star Fox.

I Love Star Fox games,now you know why...