Music: What do you listen to?

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Post » 15 Nov 2014, 06:57 Eurobeat is cool virt is cool

Also not included on this list is "marry me tf2 trader," a song inspired by my comedic proposal to an obvious steam scam bot, which is literally just Crazy set to 212 where every instrument is changed to a terrible FL Slayer guitar sound, made partially because it was way past midnight and partially because cold medicine does strange things

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i listen to most of renard
anything over 200bpm/death metal

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Haven't posted here in a while. Might as well now. Not trying to rekindle anything - just think this song deserves to be shared and loved in a better light than it previously has. Honestly, this song is really well done. Everything works and fits together and the entire thing... I don't know if it's just me or not but it's one of the best things I'VE heard in a long time from that style and source of music. ... soundtrack All of it. I love it. 22 tracks of acoustic frontier triphop goodness ^_^

Hmm... my friend got me hooked on these things called "nightcore" which for some reason sound good to me a while ago but I'm pretty sure I never posted about it here when I was listening to them a bunch

Oh and how about Mystery Skulls

Plus, Nana Mizuki (sorry I couldn't find that last one on youtube, I haven't actually bothered watching the video for that one, I'm just a huge fan of the song)
Funny, I had actually heard Kindan no Resistance previously, but I didn't look into Nana Mizuki much until after hearing her in Eternal Diva. Which I definitely talked about. A lot.

That's all that comes to mind right now, hope I made someone's day a bit nicer by exposing them to some cool tunes.

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*Bump* Tame impala is a fantastic band:
Tame Impala:
Not Meant to Be
Desire Be, Desire Go
Island Walking (Sounds very similar to: The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Manic depression)

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Personally, I enjoy listening to people like Eminem, 50 Cent, some Ludacris (for his humorous songs), and Fort Minor. I also really enjoy chiptune by most people and dubstep published by Monstercat or made by Savant. I like a bit of Daft Punk as well. I also like to listen to Fallout Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Finger Eleven, The Offspring and some other similar artists. Passenger is pretty good as well. I also like anime and videogame music, although typically 8 bit or orchestrated. I even enjoy thungs like ACDC and Metallica, and have a tolerance for some country.

Eh, I like a lot of music.

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Recently got into a bunch of game OSTs and remixes again...

skip to 3:47 in this one
I swear these could repeat indefinitely and I'll never be tired of it.

Oh yeah, I heard people enjoy this: ... _Acoustica
Animal Crossing remix that was played on idiot's stream a few hours ago.
The link is to a site that will indefinitely repeat the track in case you want to do that.
Otherwise, just click the youtube button in the video.

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Ugh, I try not to post here often because I listen to way too much music to the point that even a small selection of it to share with you guys would be too overwhelming.

So I'm gonna try just posting one. That's how good it is. I can choose just one.
Here you go. Chiptune progressive metal. Gameboys and guitars. For fans of anything from Nintendo to Djent. Best album of 2016 so far.

Gonna quote myself from the bandcamp page:
Dan has a consistent great quality in this album. There are often several intricate parts, made up of wonderful melodies and riffs. The minimal design choices never hinder the music. The tones bring out how well written every section is. I was surprised at how professional the few vocal tracks were. Oh, and Shnabubula's piano arrangement was one hell of a bonus! Really glad I got the CD for this one.

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I enjoy this unironically:
Oh! Also... ... rhassansan
^ This track is so perfect it's like the mona lisa or something

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I'll be honest, I was completely expecting that to be a Space Jam mashup.

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OrbitalBlueprint wrote:Electro
Are you me?
Well, that and chiptunes, too.
Also Jojo's Bizarre OST (including the ending themes which are not part of the OST i guess).
And sometimes I listen to other kinds of music.

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no you're beautiful

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Not as beautiful as the Mona Lisa though