I hate order of twilight because ponies.I hate ponies.

If it doesn't fit elsewhere, it should go here
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title says it all

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You know what? What the hell was the point of making this thread? So you could say you hate ponies? Just say it in the chat room, make a signiture saying it, or make a "I HATE PONIES" avatar. This is a useless thread. Saso, move this to the shame chamber.

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HuperHardBros wrote:I hate order of twilight because ponies.I hate ponies.
Does someone need a cookie and a belly rub?

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HuperHardBros wrote:I hate order of twilight because ponies.I hate ponies.
Well, by that logic you also hate Mari0 because it has the Sonic Rainboom that a pony does on a regular basis, and you also hate SE because it's gonna have that same pony as a playable character.
And by your logic of hating ponies, you must also hate bro---... I mean the pony-loving community and all it's members, which include about 70% of these forums, including the creators of this site and Mari0.

If you really hate ponies then I suggest either: A) Just shut up and keep your opinions to yourself, B) Post it in the chat room thread instead of making some stupid thread about it, as someone already suggested, or C) Just leave, because you're just gonna piss off a lot of members doing what you just did.

I seriously hope your ass gets banned because of this damn thread.

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You hate it? So, don't play it. No-one actually cares.

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Spreading hate really doesn't help your case... what were you even attempting to accomplish by making this thread?

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EDIT: decided to remove my original post because I was thinking this thread wasn't worth a response. (couldn't delete) but in case anyone really cares it was me saying "I hate the show too but I don't be a dick and waste my time trying to get my point across even though no one gives a shit."
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What good do you think creating a spam topic on a forum is going to do for you? Please leave and take your stupid with you.

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I think this is a trolling thread, guys. You can calm down.

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You gotta have had a really hard childhood if you hate a cartoon for children.