Super Mario World - NES Edition

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I don't know if anyone's heard of this, but there is a NES version of Super Mario World that was released in the 90's, but was never licensed, and the ROM is on the Internet. I happened to of found the ROM, and I'm putting up a download link for it: ... Bp1%5D.nes

The ROM file can be played with a NES Emulator, such as Nestopia, which can be downloaded from here:

You can also play it on your Wii, if it has been soft modded. If not, look it up on YouTube on how to soft mod/hack a Wii.
Emulator for Wii (Homebrew):

Here is the game in action:

Some stuff is off such as the phsyics, but hey, it's pretty good. :)

Game Information: ... rio-world/
File Credit:

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Already seen and played this and its pretty nice!

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you're confusing unlicensed with pirated.

still I don't see what there is to talk about here. :|