Your last dream

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Post » 13 May 2012, 21:20

Post it.
Unfortunately I almost never remember my dreams (last time might have been like three years ago). I would say that I don't dream but of course everyone does whether you realize it or not. I want to read other people's dreams to fill in that void :(

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It was a fight, in the middle of a field, and the other guy was naked and I were wearing ice skates.

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in my last dream, I dream of a dragon ball style movie where there are 3 concursants, with powers, selcted by a god, who will give the winner his powers.
It start with me(obviusly) in some kind of gas station, where a group of ninjas (dont ask) caught me, and bring me to her leadear, a woman about 20 years with balck hair, that also was a concursant, she make me a deal, we will join force to killl the 3 concursant and when he is dead, we will fight until dead. my dream finish wen we were running to the car, when some police are shooting us, I use my powers to kill them(FUS DO RAH) and we escape when she kills some polices with his shurikens.

I dreamead this today, I have very mush imagination XD.

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Post » 13 May 2012, 21:41

I dreamed about killing someone slowly, hearing them scream for me to stop. I only know that I was enjoying the dream until I realized I was shouting while dreaming and had freaked the fuck out of my bro. He said I was going to murder him XD
But most of my dreams are about scary stuff.

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Lol, I had this dream since I was 8, and I loved it so much that I still remember it:
I was just chillin' in my spaceship, when suddently one of my caddets inform me that we're being attacked. Alarmed by this, I got up, and looked outside the window, and there was Sakura's evil ship. "MMMHHHHUUUUUAAAAHHHAAAAHHHAAA!!!!" I heard her say. "You will not destroy my ship while I'm around!" I said while getting my floating skateboard (Deal with it), then jumping out the window, and I started riding the skateboard, and went all the way to Sakura's ship, avoiding lasers in the progress. When I got there, Sakura was there, with her red lightsaber, ready to attack. I then took out my blue lightsaber, and we started fighting (Ok, I don't remember how did the battle went, so let's just skip). After beating her, I set a nuke in her ship, used my skateboard to go back to my ship, then inside, watch as her ship blows up. "A man's job is never done" I said, then I woke up, and I re-imagined the whole dream again. I was so happy.

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all the information I get, Sakura was killing LF by inserting a cookie in his brain, while he/she was screaming, then trhow his body from a bridge and a shark eat it?
you scare me 0_o

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My dream last night was about a new Mari0 update (I guess SE?). All I remember was I was playing as Waluigi, and that's about it. When I woke up, I went straight to my computer to see if my dream came true... It didn't D:

(True story bro)

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Godzilla came and killed a hobo

The funny part is I dont sleep ._.