Portal (1 and 2) ending music played by fiber laser!

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WARNING: Sounds may get annoying, but its still cool!

Still Alive:

Want you gone:

Please note: I am not the one who did this!
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When I see these, all I can think about is when you're going through the back access ways of Aperture and you come to the cutting lasers. I'd really like it if the cutting lasers played this. or some song. That'd be awesome. Perhaps in Portal 3. It's a bit off, but you're playing music with something not intended to be a musical instrument. like playing Star Wars music with floppy drives. I love using things in ways for which they were never intended.

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Everything's a musical instrument, it just depends on how good you are at noticing it. You could make a perfectly nice scale using only sounds made by tapping on different surfaces within your house. Musical instruments are designed to give us easy access to all the notes we need, but they're not required to make music.

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Wow very nice, which type of equipments and software is used for this. Tell me the complete detail if you know. I'll appreciate it. Funny situation was in the second video, when making sketches through fiber, very nice.
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Try reading the description.