So I finished this album

If it doesn't fit elsewhere, it should go here
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I also have no audience, so I would greatly appreciate it if you gave the album a listen, and if you like it, then I encourage you to tell other people about it. You could also buy it, but that's not as important to me (besides, you can also download it for free).

The album is here:

(Also if this topic comes across as an annoying advertisement then feel free to delete it/lock it/whatever.)
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Cloudgazing is now one of my favorite songs. But the whole album is pretty good.

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It's good quality but imo you rely a lot on single instruments, the sound of which annoy me greatly. I think the sound quality is between real instrument and chipmusic, so it's neither about the recording nor just "hey fuck it let's do awesome waves which will blow your mind". I'm not sayin I dislike the music, it's just annoying :P.