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I guess I should point this out since I didn't even notice it until I saw the tweet about it

@Maurice and Sašo and all of stabyourself really: thanksfor all of the hard work and for providing such a great community. Since I try to read just about everything there is on the forums, nothing mentioned here is new, but I'm still glad there's an official statement somewhere about it. Gamescom looks really fun, I wish I wasn't stuck over here in an irrelevant part of the planet, so I could go one of these years. Regardless of whether there's anything new, or where I am, I'll be continuously being glad that I'm a part of something here, and I'll be looking forward to whatever comes next. Good luck with everything!
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I love you guys <3

Thanks for all you've done. It's changed my life.

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Gets me right in the feels

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Sašo wrote:<3
that's a first