Suggestion for a pong type game.

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Post » 25 Nov 2014, 01:19

I was just thinking it would be cool if you guys made a pong like game but instead of it bouncing off the sides you lost the game if it hit them. I don't know how you would do this but it sounds like a cool concept. I'm sorry that this post is so short or if it's in the wrong thread.

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Post » 29 Oct 2021, 03:49

I have some ideas about this if you're ever gonna see this coming back with game making knowledge.

1. The ball can be slightly controlled on the enemy's side, and some platforms are present. There would be gravity too.

2. 4 player pong. At face value this gives us too many game overs, but you can just add more balls, or make goals bounce back instead of respawning the ball.

3. Control stick reflect aiming: In addition to moving the paddle, you can use a controller's control stick to change the direction the ball will go, or alter it like half of its trajectory. This betrays the classic understanding of pong, but to a level where you're gonna decept your opponont and the game will get harder.

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It's been seven years, is it really necessary to bump this?