Gamescom 2014 shirt

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Edit: Order was already sent. Let me know if you're still interested.

We'll be making shirts this year again and I figured I'd ask if anyone else wants it here before we order them (they will most likely be ordered tomorrow or the day after so you better be quick about it).

Technical shirt details: ... leeve.html

Shirt layout (obviously it'll look less pixely, slight design changes are possible):

28,75 € includes VAT
Shipping estimate:
5,39 € (4,84 € base international letter 250-500 g + 0,55 € shipping as priority international letter under 1 kg)
(Just for the record, this includes absolutely 0 margin on our part)

If anyone is interested in actually ordering it, send us an email to with the subject "Shirt order" and we'll sort out the payment/shipping details later. For obvious reasons, we need to know your location (or at least the country for starters) and we'll require the payment before sending.

If you're interested in shirts in general, post here and perhaps we'll look into it.