Game suggestion: Worms with a physics engine?

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Think about it... worms but with a physics engine.

a few things that then would be cool to add would be 2 different kinds of background, one being the normal background, the other would be a form of cave looking background, how it would work would be that any ground with a "cave" background (though it wouldn't be that common) would be solid, anything without would have a working physics engine meaning if enough of the ground is blasted away it would fall or crack! That could make so fun ways to kill other people that maybe decide to coward away under a bit of ground!

What would also be cool then would be a new form of rope that can be attached on 2 different parts of ground, giving you the ability to make hang bridges or large swinging bits of ground that could hit an enemy worm (or friendly) into the water.

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Cortex Command. It's been in development (and sold) for quite a while now. I'm sort of willing to bet their kind of physics engine requires quite some work to pull off right and optimize. Not exactly turn based but it fits the 2D+physics criteria, mostly.

I haven't even played it since 2008 or something.

Now as for your idea, with cracking environments and that, that kinda stuff generally requires a company full of programmers working on just the physics engine. Not exactly an affordable asset. Obviously a nice idea and worth thinking about but hardly realistic for us at this point.