order of twilight help needed

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i finished the game and almost all challenges, but i just cant figure out how to get through levels 10 and 12 with only 4 spells each and i would like some hints. if someone knows how to do them in 4 spells, id appreciate it if you could write down the 4 spells to use and the order in which they're used, using [ sp ] tags, like this:

level 10
 spell1 spell2 spell3 spell4 

level 12
 spell1 spell2 spell3 spell4 

i would really appreciate that
thx in advance

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here in only know how to beat level 12
i also figured out how to beat level 10 but i couldn't do it , too hard
level 12 :  teleport ( tricky ) -> super jump -> teleport -> either you change gravity to the left or do invincibility 

level 10 :  jump above the monster -> jump across the obstacle ( spikes ) then quickly teleport out of it -> teleport again to come just behind the monster -> quickly super jump then teleport and here you go 
here is a vidoe on how to beat level 12 with only 4 spells :.

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Nice video you provide sir, i'm also having that difficulty defeating level 12 but now already solved. thanks to you...

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