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Problems running games? Right in here.
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Well, first off I'm new... Hi

And well, I can't get any of the games these developers have to offer :/... yes, I'm running xp sp3, and it's just giving me an error message every time I open a game and it says that the game's crashed and then asks me if I want to report it to windows that it's crashed... I really don't know what to do about this, any ideas?

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Post system specifications.

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penium M processor 1400 MHz
252 MHz, 1 gb ram

Yes... don't remind me on how bad this is.... I know.... I also know that money is tight....

p.s. If there's more that I need to give ya then just give me the word and it shal be. Thanks for all the potential help.

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What video card do you have? Have you tried the latest version of Mari0 (1.2)?