Problems running games? Right in here.
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When i try to open Mari0 it loads but when it gets to the menu it says:


menu.lua: 185: attempt to compare nil with number


menu.lua: 185: in function 'menu_draw'
main.lua: 810: in function 'draw'
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am running on Windows 7

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You probably have some mappack that requires a mod to run. Do the following:

1. Open your "%appdata% folder (open the "Run" program, type in "%appdata%" without quotes and hit enter).
2. Open the folder "LOVE", then "mari0".
3. Open your "options.txt" file.
4. Search "mappack" in the text. If you're using "Notepad" to open this file, just press "Ctrl+F".
5. There'll probably be something like this: "mappack:[some mappack name]". Remember the mappack name.
6. On your "mari0" folder, open the folder "mappacks" and search for a folder with a similar name to the one above.
7. Move this folder out of "mappacks" or delete it.
8. Open Mari0 again.

I'm 99,978% sure this will work. If doesn't, you can either move out the entire "mappacks" folder or delete it.

I hope I helped. And welcome to the forums! We hope you stay and like it