Help! I hardly made it to 6-1 on Acid Trip on Mari0!

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Post » 20 Apr 2013, 19:02

Got a problem while playing Acid Trip on 6-1 on a Infinite Worlds Extra Shaders Smb3 modded Mari0 I made.


bowser.lua:49: attempt to compare number with string


bowser.lua:49: in function 'init
class.lua:41 in function 'new'
game.lua:3728: in function 'spawnenemy'
game.lua:3802: in function 'spawnenemy'
game.lua:3802: in function 'spawnenemy'
game.lua:690: in function 'game_update'
main.lua:796: in function 'update'
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

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Post » 20 Apr 2013, 19:09

This isn't the place to ask for help for problems on modded versions of games. Make a topic/post in an existing one of the mod in the Mari0 modding subforum. Unless, of course, you can recreate this with the vanilla version of Mari0. If that can happen, PM me and I'll reopen the thread.