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Mariofan064 wrote:Julian
what a coinsidence coincidence
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even though you didn't ask

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The right words would be "Woah man, that's kinda cool. My name is also Julien (Despite how you spell your name, it's still funny.)"

But yeah, I used to think you spelled your name like that just because you could, but I guess there is an alternate spelling (go figure).

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what do you guys think about the origins of the whole tariff issue in the united states (back in the federalist era ish, not referring to the constitution cuz we werent really the us of a yet i mean rly)

i feel like compromises were super obvious but i can totally relate to how like the peeps wouldnt work together at first like it was a tricky situation and the entire basis of democracy was p new at the time

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Nothing to do with what you said but you type like a tumblr and it's freaking me out

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no worries man i take that as a compliment

seriously though come on is anyone willing to get into a federalist era debate with me please

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can we maybe debate adding silver to the money supply in the late 1800s then like shit so many industries were going nuts at the time that was p crazy with all those monopolies and it sucked bcuz at first the supreme court was like "hey states can regulate the prices here" but then the rich dudes were like "ayyyyy" and the next supreme court ruling went "lmao just kidding we conveniently remembered that railroads are interstate and only the federal govt. can do something about that" but then the federal govt. never did anything about that and while all this is going on there's still these dudes just wondering if the economy would be maybe a little less shit if the whole gold thing wasn't just gold which is wild because all these little businesses are like totally craving those minerals but hell if i know whether or not silver would fix anything cuz even though they actually had the gold standard for apparently a really long time like that just isn't a thing anymore what

i think we should add reddit silver to the reddit gold supply

i also think that alongside TF2 Keys we should start focusing on the slightly lesser value of TF2 Ciphers but noooo im not supposed to say that out loud