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More levels.
Magic Mirror (6972-0000-0099-0E57)
This just might be my favorite level that I've made
It's a ghost house level but here's the twist, there are some things that are invisible or weird on the bottom part of the level that require you to look at the top part to find out what they really are.
Donut Dig (4B7D-0000-0087-C7BF)
A short and experimental level.
Stand on the donut blocks to "dig" all the way to the bottom of the level while avoiding the enemies. Inspired by super mario bros 2's digging.

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Oh this is a thing.

Spin to Win 2

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There's a semi official Game Grumps contest to make a SMM level for them to play on the show conducted by the same person who organised the GG fanart book; so I made this level for it:

Gusty Grepeler (62E6-0000-00B2-8CC2)

It sort of serves as a retry at my first sky stage using some of my practice, and it's a bit more challenging I think.

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Uuuh Turret has to get the picture again, but this time with fries and a root beer. No onions.

ID: F82F-0000-00D1-17E0
Name: Skull Ride
Difficulty: Shouldn't be too difficult. It's a short level, too.

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Note: that's not the actual screenshot.

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Been a while since I did a stream so I decided to make this because I had an erge to since the update.
Warpin Wigglin Fort (2B98-0000-00E5-378D)

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I haven't posted one to here in a while. Time to fix that.
Bowser's Burning Bunker (D6E2-0000-00E4-D631)
Image <-- Imgur wasn't working, so I had to use an alternative.

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One-Way Escape
I made this in like 3 hours