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Basically a day ago I realized that Mari0 checks for updates on start and that all of that is written in the web server logs. Useful.

So I went to extract 52 days of data and found there were 1302025 records. However, since the version check uses the exact same check as DLC mappacks check, I had to somehow filter the duplicates.

The data was filtered so that there can be only one IP (which is basically how I identify clients) entry per hour to prevent a single user having a dozen entries just because he checked the DLC menu a few times in a row. Once that was done, the total amount of useful records was 637047.

And then I made these 2 pictures.

Can't see full image so click here:
(Note that the amount of players is actually even lower in this image since I accounted at max 1 play per IP per day.

This sort of shows the trend when Mari0 is played (or at least started) the most.

Technically I could also make a map with most popular area or sort of a timeline where players are displayed based on their location. Bit complicated to do that though so don't count on that since this was mostly a product of curiosity.

I was thinking about making a blogpost about numbers numbers NUMBERS but I'd need either more data or make it actually interesting for most people. Either way, it was pretty surprising to see such a high amount of players each day.
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Sašo wrote:Either way, it was pretty surprising to see such a high amount of players each day.

That's good. You do have a great game here.
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EDIT: ...
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Turret Opera wrote:Sticky this when SE comes out, and we'll know when most people are playing.

Uhm, by then the information will be out of date and virtually useless since the Online Multiplayer would change players perception of the game significantly and likely encourage people to play at different times (When friends are available instead of only when you yourself have time available) to when there was no Online Multiplayer.
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SE will have an improved update checking component, which should end up in all games and will allow for a better and more accurate activity logs.
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