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Mari0:SE version thread

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Post » 11 Jan 2017, 20:48

uh, i can't use my controllers it crashes

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Post » 30 Jan 2017, 23:04

I havent been here in ages, mainly because for some reason, the game suddenly decided to run super slowly on all my computers. And some map packs will just show up as white boxes. Any idea what's going on? I'd love to start making again.

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Post » 01 Feb 2017, 01:15

That sounds like a problem with your graphics card; make sure all your drivers are updated. The white boxes usually mean that the tileset is too big for your computer to load - as long as your computer isn't too terribly old, it should be able to run (especially if it's worked in the past).

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Post » 13 May 2017, 03:12

Mari0 SE BETA 8:Bugs
Mari0 SE BETA 9:Bugs Bugs everywhere

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