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Do NOT Make a Flag in World -4

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Post » 16 Apr 2013, 02:31

I was curious what would happen, so I tried it. Here is what happened when I tried to go to the next level (what would be -5):

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Post » 16 Apr 2013, 02:37

That's cause it tries to do "M" + 1.

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Post » 24 Apr 2013, 01:28

Qcode wrote:That's cause it tries to do "M" + 1.

Maurice should make it go to 8-4 if you're in the minus world.

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Post » 24 Apr 2013, 02:10

Maybe Maurice could make it go to N. Then O, P, Q, ect. until Z. Then it would be Ma, Na, Oa, Pa, Qa, ect., Mb,Nb, ect., Zaa, Nab, Bba, Asdf until Za. Then it would be ded Why are you even selecting this bleh.
(No, not really)
Maybe Qcode could add infinite negative worlds to his mod.

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