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Post » 25 Feb 2012, 03:42

I've been wondering, what are the controls like in Mari0? I'm guessing arrow keys to move and up to jump, and mouse to control portals. Is there also a button to run? Or is it automatic?

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Post » 25 Feb 2012, 04:08

I figure WASD will be for moveing while holding shift to run and space to jump.

Will this game have X input or direct input for controller support?

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Post » 25 Feb 2012, 04:38

It probably already does have support. I would imagine that the love.joystick library can support any kind of controller.

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Post » 25 Feb 2012, 10:13

wasd + space + lshift for movement, mouse for portals, arrows + enter + escape to navigate in menus, mouse scroll wheel to ######## ####### ###### lol jk. also lots of debug keys (f for mushroom / fire flower, etc). It's quite intuitive, though you have to get used to the movement controls if you're used to nes two handed controls. Also you will have to be sure to use a mouse for portals (trackpads = bs). Haven't tried joystick, but it all seems pretty rounded up with easy controls and key editing.
maybe this is useful :

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Post » 25 Feb 2012, 16:01

Any joystick will work cos you can change the controls.

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