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Nintendo's Smartphone Plan

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Post » 17 Mar 2015, 21:39

I like how it's for "smart devices" but the image above the article is just 5 different colors of the same apple product

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So basically:
-Nintendo has allowed the company called DeNA to use pretty much any IP Nintendo owns, which means that DeNA can use any of Nintendo's characters, from Captain Falcon to Falco.
-Nintendo and DeNA will work together to create games for smart devices.
-Only new, original games will be created for smart devices. So no ports of Pokemon Red or something like that.
-This is intended to be a long-term alliance and the companies are now sharing stocks of each other.
-Nintendo owns 10.00% of DeNA's stock, or 22 billion yen. DeNA owns 1.24% of Nintendo's stock, or 22 billion yen. The payment is due April 2, 2015.
-There will be a new membership service that is intended to work with smart devices. This service will replace Club NIntendo, and is going live at the end of the year.
-Nintendo is currently interesting in bringing the core IP to smart devices, and they're not making any exceptions on which IP can be brought to those smart devices.
-The first smart device games will also come out later this year.
-There was also a new console mentioned at the meeting codenamed the NX. The NX was mentioned to work with the new membership program which is replacing Club Nintendo.
-Nintendo will be in charge of the pricing of the smart device games. Some will have microtransactions, others will have one pay to play.
-Nintendo has stated that these smart device games are not the focus, and the Wii U is priority.
-The NX was also announced simply because Nintendo doesn't want people thinking that they're dropping out of the console business or giving it less attention. More details on the NX will be revealed in 2016.

Also notable is how the NX is listed along with the 3DS and Wii U for the rewards program, with tablets, smartphones, and laptops opposite. This may hint that the NX will be a new line of consoles, a third line. (It's unlikely to be the successor to the 3DS given the N3DSXL was released a month ago.) Whether it's portable or home, or a fusion of both remains to be seen.

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NX might be a gamepad-like portable handheld? Like a giant Gameboy Advanced, I guess.
Just going from the fusion theory.

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graN priX

nintendo is using the mario kart arcade machines to dispense phones filled with shitty 2-week fad games that will enslave humanity

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WiloKing wrote:graN priX

nintendo is using the mario kart arcade machines to dispense phones filled with shitty 2-week fad games that will enslave humanity

No Xit

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