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Windows 8 is awesome but sucks at the same time

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Windows 8 is cool , with the Metro thing going on but it also sucks because it's hard to use
also videogames don't work very well , minecraft doesn't launch and Mari0 lags a lot , when i try to record with Fraps Mari0 freezes
no more sidebar
no more Start button
what should i do now ? i might reinstall windows 7 but i lost my Drivers CD :( , the cool thing W8 is that drivers are installed automatically so no need for CD's
edit ; i'll be adding videos and pictures soon , did any of you tried it yet ?
edit 2 : i found my Drivers CD , and Mario works great now and i also can record with fraps .minecraft lags a little but still playable .
videos to come soon
edit 3 ; screw that i'm back on Windows 7 . yeah
don't install windows 8 guys it's not worth it

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