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Post » 04 Feb 2012, 11:10

I've ran a phpBB forum for quite a while and had some significant problems with spam bots using the default captcha during registration. Just a thought but you should use reCaptcha from personal experience.

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Post » 04 Feb 2012, 13:27

I've had nothing but problems setting up recaptcha, not to mention the fact that there are services that offer solving recaptchas for next to nothing. Considering that, I'd say 3D captchas generated on the server (which can still be customized) are the best option at this point.

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Post » 04 Feb 2012, 18:26

On some forums I saw a question in the registration... Like "What is 2+2" and it changes every time so the spam bot can eat the error messages :D .

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Post » 06 Feb 2012, 01:44

yeah and then you get "what is int(1,6,(x*x+sqrt(1/(x*e^3))%(cos(7.98*pi))*dx) ?" and then only spam bots can register

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Post » 06 Feb 2012, 13:44

Yea Ive already seen 1 spam thread so...

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Post » 01 Mar 2012, 05:41

Bal0rCIM wrote:Yea Ive already seen 1 spam thread so...
Which one?

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Post » 01 Mar 2012, 09:33

At the time i think the counting thread applied most to the definition of spam thread.