where i can find moving avatars??

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Post » 01 Feb 2014, 09:44


where i can find moving avatars?????

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Post » 01 Feb 2014, 10:14

Uhhh... they're .gifs?
Looking 'animated images' on Google or something shouldn't be too hard, didn't think this would warrant it's own thread.

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Post » 01 Feb 2014, 14:13

You either find them or make them (which I assume would be a bit too complicated considering you've never even heard of them).

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Post » 02 Feb 2014, 00:56

It's not so hard to make them. If you have the frames you want, you can search the internet for a gif maker and upload the frames there, adjust the speed and download your image.

For example, if we have the following frames:
Image Image Image

Then find a gif maker to make the gif:

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