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Other iOS and Android ports

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Post » 25 Jan 2013, 14:25

Here is P4cM4n for iOS:
And for Android:

Some Android devices don't have a gyroscope so the app uses the accelerometer to simulate movements. It's quite accurate for some time, but still requires recalibration sometimes. To recalibrate, just hit the screen.
You'll need a jailbroken device to play on iOS since I haven't published it yet.

In fact I'm not sure if I'm going to publish them, because of the possible legal issues with Namco. I contacted Sašo five days ago to ask about that. He told me to change the name, remove the logo and make it so there is no way someone could assume the game was developed by So that's what I did.

I also added a link to Namco's official Pacman app on the main menu, and did not put any ads. But still, the game uses assets and IP from the original Pacman game so I'm not sure if that's very wise to publish it. I'd like to have your feedback about this. But I really don't want to be banned from the Apple and Google developer programs :\

Anyway, the game also features an online leaderboard, so enjoy!
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Post » 25 Jan 2013, 16:28

Accelerometer doesn't appear on my Galaxy W, just virtual pad (which has buttons that are smaller than an ant) and touch screen.

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Post » 25 Jan 2013, 19:02

I actually have no idea how the controls work. Tilting doesn't seem to actually work unless I keep the device virtually flat. Samsung Galaxy S3.

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Post » 26 Jan 2013, 02:22

@Maurice: Gyroscope controls don't appear if SensorManager.getDefaultSensor(TYPE_GYROSCOPE) returns null. I read somewhere it should be simulated by software if no gyro were available, but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this was implemented on a recent Android version, which one do you have ?

@Camewel: Planar gyroscope is the most playable choice. You need to touch the screen once in order to set the reference position.

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Post » 29 Jan 2013, 20:28

On my samsung galaxy s3 it seems like I need to reset my center about every 30 seconds. It feels like you are either rounding or using a data type this is less precise to store your vector or calibration data.

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Post » 08 Feb 2013, 16:51

Gotta say, pretty cool. Although when I use planar gyroscope, I have to use reverse gravity or else pacman will fall upwards. Otherwise, nice!

EDIT: Also, the screen went dark on me (like it was about to sleep), please keep it awake. Also, reverse gravity has no effect on touch screen (at least in options)

Also some tips: add a pause button. Also, the ghost timer seems a bit too short... And pacman seems a bit too "lightweight." Besides that, it's really good!

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Post » 16 Feb 2013, 07:46

Can you post the source code for the ipad version? I have a developer subscription and would like to try to compile it myself.

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Post » 16 Feb 2013, 23:36

I jailbroke my phone recently, and tried the iOS one, it said the IPA was invalid

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