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Can't see corners when tilted near 45°

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Post » 12 Jan 2013, 06:08

If the board is tilted at near 45 degrees, and either pac-man or a ghost is in a corner, you can't see them. I think the default board size needs to be a bit smaller relative to the window size to better accomodate this..

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Post » 12 Jan 2013, 06:09

Yeah That really annoyed me during some parts as well.

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Post » 12 Jan 2013, 09:31

I'm not great at coding, but if you open the source file with an archiver like WinRaR you can edit it. I opened up main.lua and simply replaced windowwidth and windowheight with

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windowwidth = 400*scale
windowheight = 320*scale.

Although it fixed the issue you guys have, some of the text is off center and I'm not gonna try and fix it.
Image is rather large for the post, so I just linked it.

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