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Some Bosses

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Post » 21 May 2012, 09:19

Here are some bosses I came up with for the game. I tried to make sure to make it fit the Mario and Portal theme but make it able to use it on map-packs with ease.

Mario Boss 1


Hammer Commander

An much more powerful hammer brother

Takes 15 hits from hammer to kill

10 Hits from fireball to Kill

Throws hammers faster then other hammer bros

Mario Boss 2



An evil clone of your character.

10 Jump hits to kill

7 Fireball hits to kill

5 Shell hits to kill

Mario Boss 3


Dark Bowser

A more sinister version of Bowser

20 Hammer hits to kill

15 Fireballs to Kill

10 Shell Hits to kill

Shoots fireballs much faster but throws hammers a little slower.

Portal Inspired Boss 1



Robo Bowser

25 Fireball Hits to kill
22 Hammer Hits to kill
17 Shell Hits to kill

Will lock onto the player and start firing fireballs at them.
Can throw hammers faster but shoot fireballs slower

Portal Inspired Boss 2


Bowser's Mob maker 3000

A machine that produces mobs

takes 12 fireball hits to kill
takes 15 shells to kill

will produce mobs from chutes and will fly around

Portal Inspired Mob 3

(Glados sprite made by Yamino)

Evil robot mastermind

100 fireball hits to kill
10 laser hits to kill
130 shell hits to kill

will shoot lasers from eye.

Sorry if it does not go in depth. I wrote this at mid night and was about to go to bed. Sorry

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Post » 22 May 2012, 03:21

I like the ideas. The bosses are great as individuals...
Don't know how it would work as one battle...
Needs a story line...

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Post » 22 May 2012, 03:27

In the third pic GLaDOS is shooting light bridges, not lasers.

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