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Wheatley-Bowser Babies! And a Final Boss Battle.

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[Note: Pictures to come]

So my idea is this, You enter a generic room with a platform in the middle and a hole in the roof.
I just linked these because they were huge.
Everything looks fine then out of nowhere, something falls down through that hole (It could also bash through the roof, but for my sake i've made it a hole in the pic).
It lands on the platform and you can finally see what it is, a clear abomination to nature, a Wheatley-Bowser Baby (Technically a personality core-Bowser Baby(Dont ask me how that happened either, it probably involved alot of "Plug Me into that socket over there", anyway, i'm getting distracted))
This Abomination also shoots Exploding lemons, to defeat him you need to hit his core with his string of lemons three times, when this happens he will storm off to the left and bash a hole in the wall.
After you go through the hole you will find a room with two platforms on either side of the room and then one platform higher up, the two platforms on either side have faith plates on them and the only way to hit him is by shooting the lemons on to the faith plate on the opposite side he just shot them from, therefore hitting his core, the weak-spot. Repeat this three times and then WheatSer will bash through the next wall.

In the final room BowsLey will stand in the middle of a room shooting out lemons in random directions, having had his "locating circuits" fried by his own lemons. There's a conveniently placed cube dispeser above it's head and all you need to do is hit three buttons in the room to drop a cube on it's head and blowing it up, the screen would blow to pieces and fade to black.
Mario wakes up in the wreckage you make your way to the Cake through a hole in the wall made after the explosion, but before you get to the cake the floor opens up from under you and you fall through. Another fade to black, World 1-1 comes up on the screen and Mario confusedly walks through the first few seconds. Final fade to black and credits roll.

Sorry for the lack of pics at the moment but life is busy ATM, i'l have them up soon.
But still, what do you guys think?

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