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The Wheatley Battle...

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So What happens is Wheatley Brings you to the final battle, what basically happens is he fires a few lasers and you have to dodge, not to long into the battle one of his lasers hits a pipe with white gell in. this then sprays the floor and you and use the lasers which are hitting the portalable surface on the wall or something to hit him. After a few his he gets really mad and mario jumps to avoid a big laser. this smashes a glass window which Mario enters and uses a faith plate to reach a higher area. He sees two portalable surfaces on the ceiling and floor and one on the wall beside it. He then creates and infanate loop and then fires a portal on the wall to go into a bullet time cut scene of him smashing into the control room and breaking the control panel and defeating wheatley. And here is a Bad drawing to go with a Explanation with possible mistakes in it. Here:

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