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Final Destination Redux

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Please read this small note: Right click and view the full image because it cuts some of the good stuff on the right. Thank you.

So back story would be GlaDOS was bored and did lots of digging under the Aperture(sorry if it's spelled wong) laboratory and found an ancient catacombs full of evil symbolism that fascinated GlaDOS and after studying it for so long she becomes....


The catacombs was a place that the old Aperture Science execs used to do nasty rituals and sacrifices to receive blessings from an ancient evil. They really wanted to beat Black Mesa. Hence Portal Tech was born.

Here's the pic, love it hate it ;)


Any ways I'll explain and give you directions.

*You start in the top left corner.
*Glados definitely expects you to die in this final test chamber. It's a classic and familiar room from Mario's memories.
* Using zero portals, Glados expects you to touch the broken switch that should send the bowser hologram flame turret into oblivion. It won't do anything because it's broken.
*As you get closer to the switch, you'll hear Glados whistering, "come on... you're so close... can't wait to see your face when..." and as mario touches it, nothing happens.
*Wait for it...
*Confetti falls from the ceiling! Poison gas as well!! OMG brilliant!!!
*First that vent was shut, then after the confetti and gas is released, the "weak" vent will then fall out of the wall.. a way out for you with your portal gun.
*you go through small tunnels and pipes.. Nothing really clever, just quick and fancy leading you to the control room.
*Glados is talking blah blah blah(I hope you can give Glados a voice in this one) while you're making your way through the old destroyed service tunnels.
*Finally you reach the control room for that switch. You press the switch and you immediately hear the .midi of bowser going into the lava and the victory music...
*So you beat the final chamber... So simple.
*Glados gets pissed and starts blasting into the old service tunnels destroying what's left of the tunnels trapping you inside the control room.
*Glados saying "the gas is coming for you through the vent blah blah blah" You wait for your death.
*Suddenly a tremor or the unstable destroyed service tunnels open a new path for you leading you to the lava area.
* You make your way past the lava and you can hear a voice.. Not from the loudspeaker though.
*You see that the Glados voice is coming from the hole. It's a small hole but you can fit right through it, hopefully.
*you fall through... the fall is supposed to be deep. 5 hours later... you land in some ancient catacombs.
*When I say white walls, it means the walls are portal friendly. The walls aren't white, they're stones whatever the catacombs should look like.
* it's darkness won't let you see Glados. Only a torch lights your feet. You see people imprisoned... sickening...
*Anyways. the whole room lights up with torches and you finally meet Glados... Dark Glados

*I gotta go soon so i'll make this room quick.
*Brainwave scanner is going to turn on and stop you from moving. You can move your portal gun though.
*Glados will try to force you into the Portal she opens using dark magic that will lead you to Dinosaur times. No space this time boys... but only DINOSAUR TIMES!!!
*Glados believes this is the only way to finally get rid of you.
*Also she will force you to put the Portal gun back into it's case.
*As you walk forward against your will. You see the sleeping caveman that is chained up under Glados...
*You will use your portal gun to shoot a portal under you and one at the wall behind you so you fall through the wall behind you and the brainwave scanner will lose you but continue shooting waves through the portals. Please understand that...
* should aim at the giant caveman.
*the giant caveman wakes up and since the brainwave scanner is sending waves to him, he'll also try to reach the portal thus pulling his chained arms toward the portal breaking the catacomb wall forcing instability for Dark Glados.

I'm really tired now, I have work in the morning.
This is a group effort so if anyone has more great ideas, shoot them here. I'll post the rest of my end boss story when I have time tomorrow, hopefully.

Thanks love your game, love you guys, peace.

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