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Wanting to form team to work on a project with me.

Mods, guides how to use and install mods go right in here.
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Hello, I have recently been working on a mod loader for mari0. The reason why ? have been working on this is because I hated how you had to download a mod and use that mod alone at a time. Now, you may think "But you can just edit the code to run more than one mod" and, I mean, yes. That works. However, that takes lots of time and effort. And, as well as that, modding isn't too easy. For example, there is no standard API for adding content, you have to edit the games source code to add modded content. And, like I said above about how using more than one mod at a time takes time and effort, you also have to make sure that they don't conflict. And because of how mari0 is set up right now, that will almost always happen.

Here is where my mod loader comes in!

My mod loader will take care of a large part of modding.

Want to load more than 1 mod? Put it in a folder!
Want to add an entity? Use a function!
Want to debug your mod live? Use a command!

There are many more features planned.

However, I need help with this. I need to implement functions for adding tiles and entities, and currently live debugging severely decreases framerate (1-10 FPS =P)

If you would like to help, then say on this topic and join the discord server:

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I am using Mari0 1.6 with LOVE 0.10.2 support, NOT SE. I am not using SE as most modding documentation is for 1.6, and im not good at looking through other peoples code to work stuff out. I may port to SE if I find good enough documentation. If I can't port it to SE I will just try to re-implement the SE functions in 1.6 / LOVE 0.10.2

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