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Is there a way to copy and paste stuff in SE?

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Post » 09 Jan 2015, 16:03

Hello! Anyway, I am making a level but I have to make a lot of clouds(it's a sky level) and I am frankly too lazy to rebuild the same cloud out of 6 pieces a billion times before I'm done. Has anyone made a mod for this(I know Better Level Editor exists but I don't think it's compatible with SE) because I have NO idea how to code.

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Post » 09 Jan 2015, 16:28

Welcome back, Villager! Long time no see!

As for your mod, sorry, but no one made it. I also doubt Maurice will add this to SE, since he hasn't added it to this day (the Better Editor mod is pretty old, so he had time to add it's features if he wanted). Maybe some modder will do this but I also doubt it, since most coders from this community (including myself) are busy with other projects.

I just noticed now that you're MM102's successor!

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