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Play your own character and graphics

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Post » 12 Jan 2014, 17:38

I will show you how to make your own character without character loader and how to make a graphics mod!

1. Have the source of vanilla mari0 or almost any mari0 mod
2. Locate graphics/smb/player and options
3. Download a picture editor (one where you can draw pixels)
4. Put the marioanimations picture in the editor
5. Draw Mario! (erase left-over pixels from the original Mario)

Sorry but I don't have enough time for the rest. I will edit this post later.
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Post » 12 Jan 2014, 18:58

So, a graphical mod?
Also, say "Any mod or vanilla" instead of Any Source. Makes a bit more sense.
So, good idea to post a tutorial, some people already know how (I do) but there'll always be someone who doesn't know all that much about how mari0's graphics work. Just replace anything in the source files and run the folder and it should work. (Love2D can run folders as well as .loves, since .loves are just .zips with a different ending telling it that it's a Love2D-runnable program.) You'll have to rightclick the folder.

(If I seem like I'm trying to take over your tutorial, I'm just trying to help.)

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