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0'Brothers Converted to [SE Beta 9]

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Post » 15 Jul 2017, 09:14

Hiya guys!

I thought it was a shame that no one had ported such an incredible mappack to Special Edition yet.
So I did.

Baf for the original 0'Brothers
Willware for the flying red koopa fix

All credit for the original 0'Brothers mappack and mod goes to Baf.

Changes from the original mappack:
-Mappack is now playable in SE Beta 9
-(Almost) all music and sprites replaced with their custom versions from the original's mod
-yea that's pretty much it

Known issues:
-A brick block in 1-3 is very difficult to break due to changed shell physics (you have to shoot your portal right next to the block)
Note: an alternative download is coming soon for a version of the map with as many of these issues as possible fixed.

If you've ever wanted to play 0'Brothers in SE, now you can!


Let me know if you find and conversion errors.

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Post » 17 Jul 2017, 06:21

I've never really liked this mappack, but I can appreciate your work in porting this.

I have noticed a couple issues, though:
  • Podoboos don't jump to the correct height
  • Shellanimals come out of their shells now (which I know comes from version differences, but it can be fixed)
  • Flying red koopas sometimes hurt you when you stomp on them while they're moving up, which makes some sections very difficult, if not impossible
Other than that, good job, from what I've played!

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Post » 22 Jul 2017, 23:32

If possible, could you tell me which levels have podobos that don't work correctly so I can fix them? Thanks.

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