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Long long ago there was a game called Mari0. I was once a frequent contributor of that game, making an array of assets for use by map creators alongside making a few maps for himself.

I was that guy that nagged and nitpicked about very trivial things till I learned to grow up, and through my years of enjoying 1.6 and modding it with my personal enhancement mod, I had lots of good experiences with the gang. Shame it kinda died for me once word got out that SE got canceled and there were millions of different fan-versions of SE that I couldn't figure out which one to do.

What you're about to witness is a mass array of testing, proof of concept, W.I.P; and other miscellaneous map packs I made during my time with the community. This includes my personal mappack A0zora, abandoned and left to rot following the mass array of bugs caused by the upgrade to SE along with the slew of Marathon levels and particular other issues I came across. ...

Below is a video of some of the maps in action:

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